Ensuring Good Quality Breast Reduction In La

Just like many women decide to augment their breasts some women make the choice to reduce their breast size. This is normally done when the woman has overly large breasts, which can cause severe health problems. This surgery is one that is commonly performed.

Some women have macromastia, which means the breasts are overly enlarged and are causing other serious health issues. The issues that can result from macromastia are the neck, head, back and shoulder pain, breathing problems, and poor circulation of the blood. Other issues, which are not medical, include the inability to fit into clothes and severe indentations from the bra straps.

The same techniques that are used for breast lifts are normally applied during this surgery, especially when getting breast reduction in LA. However, the main concern when having this surgery done is that the tissue around the nipple stays viable for sensitivity and lactation purposes.

Sometimes liposuction will be used during the surgery if some, or most, of the breast tissue is from fat. The surgery is normally done at a hospital, or a properly designated surgical center. The patient is given general anesthesia to allow the surgeon to do the work properly and without worry. The surgery itself can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours and requires many different steps.

The surgeon will need to make the required incisions and remove the required amount of tissue and skin from the breast. Also, the surgeon will need to ensure that both breasts are symmetrical and that the nipple placement is correct. It is possible to do the surgery as an outpatient, but it is possible that the surgery will require an overnight stay at the hospital.

After the surgery, the breasts will be stitched up and covered with an elastic bandage or a surgical bra. The stitches will be removed after1 to 2 weeks, but during that time recovery is the most important thing. During the first few days it is important to take plenty of rest and help. The patient can return to work after a few weeks, but refrain from lifting heavy items and exercise for up to 6 weeks.

There will be pain and the surgeon will most likely prescribe pain medicine to help. The surgery will most likely leave scars, but most of the time they are done in areas that will be covered by clothing. The other main concern is whether or not it will be possible for the patient to breastfeed any children after this and the results may not be known until it is attempted.

There are many benefits to having this surgery done, including the fact that many of the health issues will most likely disappear after the recovery period. Also, the patient will have more self-confidence and can wear normal clothes.

Make sure when looking into this surgery that one chooses a reputable surgeon and facility. This is important because this surgery is not easy and can go wrong if the surgeon is not skilled. Many of the surgeons who perform breast reduction in LA are experts at this kind of surgery.


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